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Arlington Automotive Machine Shop offers a complete array of automotive performance services. Listed below are our popular services and operations, which includes state-of-the-art quality performance at a great price.

Cleaning and Mag Operations

Clean and Mag Blocks, Heads & Crankshafts

Mag Connecting Rods

Glass Bead Intake Manifolds

Block Operations

Bore and Performance Hone Cylinders with Torque Plate 

Align Hone blocks

Deck Blocks

Measure Deck Height

Install Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs

Clearance Block for Strokers

Crank Operations

Clean and Polish Crankshaft

Regrind Crank on Mains and Rods

Piston and Rod Operations

Pin Fit Pistons and Small End of Rods

Resize Big End of Connecting Rods 

R&R Rod Bushings and Size

Balancing Operations

Balance 4,6 & 8 Cyl engines


Flywheel Operations

Clean & Resurface Flywheels

Cylinder Head Operations

Size Guides, Performance Three Angle,

5 angle and radius valve jobs 

Remove and Install  Valve Guides

Resurface Heads 

Install Hardened Exhaust Seats

Vacuum Test  Heads

R&R & Machine For Screw In Studs 

Machine Heads for Viton Valve Seals 

Machine Heads for Larger Valve Springs

Machine Heads for Larger Valves

Other services

File Fit End Gap on Rings 

Assemble Pistons on Rods 

CC Cylinder Heads


(817) - 261 - 9022


Mon - Fri: 8 am - 6 pm

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